The Forest Log: A Journal of Poems, Essays, Articles and Other Creative Reflections on the Forest

Michael G. Smith (Spring 2013) — Raw Data From H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest; March 24 – April 7, 2013

Jeff Fearnside (Spring 2013)

Joseph Bruchac* (Spring 2013) — AMONG THE DOUGLAS FIRS

James Bertolino (Fall 2012) — Andrews Forest Poems and Journal Notes; October 8 to October 15, 2012

Kristin Berger (Fall 2012)

Andrew Gottlieb (Spring 2012) — Various works in progress

Jessica Hahn (Fall 2011) — Chop Wood, Carry Water

Carla Wise (Fall 2011) — Looking for Solace in the Natural World

Brian Turner* (Fall 2011) — Where the Forests Breathe

Brenda Peterson (Spring 2011) — Initial blog postings from Andrews

Karin Gastreich (Spring 2011) — Reflections from a Writers Residency (Blog); Born of Fire

Carey Bagdassarian (Spring 2011) — Working draft for Decomposition Study; Hand Tools

Lori Anderson Moseman (Fall 2010) — Varible Poetic Cruise Andrews Experimental Forest

Kathleen Heideman (Spring 2010) — Andrews Forest residency documented in multiple blog postings

Jane Hirshfield* (Spring 2010) — Wild Ginger (Orion); Lichens (The Atlantic)

John Campbell (Spring 2010) — SCOPE: An Andrews Forest Residency

Miriam Sagan (Fall 2009) — Blog; Various works

Gary Paul Nabhan* (Fall 2009) — Light Gaps/Dark Gaps//Andrews Forest/Tumamoc Hills; Field Notes/End Notes to a Prose Poem

Tim Fox (Fall 2009) — The Mountain Lion

Jim Dodge (Spring 2009) – (works in progress)

Jerry Martien (Spring 2009) — Pacific Dogwood; return of the dead log people (Video of Jerry reading his poem.); a ramble in the andrews; Design

Tom Fleischner (Fall 2008) — Journal Excerpts; Winter’s First Rains

Scott Russell Sanders* (Fall 2008) — Log from a Stay at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest; Mind in the Forest

Freeman House* (Spring 2008) — Momento Mori; Varieties of Attentiveness

John Elder* (Spring 2008) — Purity and Change: Reflections in an Old-Growth Forest

Maya Zeller (Spring 2008) — Poems from the Andrews Forest

Elizabeth Bernays (Spring 2008) — Of Moisture and Moss

Laird Christensen (Spring 2008) — The Other Side of the Clearcut; A Tree Falls in the Forest

Joan Maloof (Fall 2007) — Four poems

Jane Coffey (Fall 2007) — decay; Juxtaposition

Mary Evelyn Tucker * (Fall 2007) — public lecture, “The Emerging Alliance of Religion and Ecology,” Oct. 26, 2007 to a crowd of about 100 people in OSU Library

Kathie Durbin (Spring 2007) — Reflections on change, natural or otherwise: a forest journal

Christina Lovin (Spring 2007) — Five poems

Kevin McKelvey (Fall 2006) — Three poems

Bill Sherwonit (Fall 2006) — Field Notes; Reflections on Thrush Songs, Newt Tracks and Old-Growth Stands of Trees

Michael Nelson* (Fall 2006) — A Letter to Number 400; Drowning Democritus

Vicki Graham (Spring 2006) — Writings; Debris

Alison Hawthorne Deming* (Spring 2006) — The Andrews Forest Quartet; The Owl, Spotted ; The Web; This Ground Made of Trees; Attending to the Beautiful Mess of the World; Old Growth

Pattiann Rogers* (Fall 2005) — This Day, Tomorrow, and the Next; Genesis

Scott Slovic* (Spring 2005) — Out of Time

Robin Kimmerer* (Fall 2004) — Interview with a watershed; Listening to Water; Witness to the Rain

Robert Michael Pyle* (Spring 2004) — The Long Haul; Reflections: Field Notes, Journal Entries, Essay, Poems, and Comments

Other Visiting Writers :

(works of writers based on their visits to the Forest in Blue River Gathering, dissertation research, and other contexts)

Tom Leskiw  Pre-Relevance; Writer Leskiw picked up the “pre-relevant” phrase at in a Long-Term Ecological Reflections pesentation at the 2005 meeting of the Association for Study of Literature and Environment and riffs off it in this essay. Winter 2012

Bill Yake (Spring 2011) — Slough, Decay, and the Odor of Soil

Allison Adelle Hedge Coke — came to the forest as part of Dragonfly Eyes field symposium and stayed a few days longer. Spring 2010

Rob Hoshaw  Clearcut Ironies; written during a visit while working on his MS thesis at University of Oregon. Also see his 2009 thesis, The Contribution of Reflective Writing to Ecological Awareness, which is a study of the Reflections program .

Anita Sullivan  Old Growth Forest; based on visit during Blue River Writers Gathering 2008.

Terre Ryan  Timber culture: scenic Oregon and the aesthetics of clearcuts; a chapter from her PhD. Univ. of Nevada-Reno, which is now a chapter in her book “This Ecstatic Nation: The American Landscape and the Aesthetics of Patriotism” 2011 from Univ. of Massachusetts Press.

David Oates  Field Notes from the Andrews Experimental Forest; based on visit during Blue River Writers Gathering 2006.

Visiting Scholars :

Chris Norment (Fall 2010) — On Coming Out of the Desert, and Into the Rain

Elizabeth Farnsworth (Fall 2010) — In the very large, the very small an essay; Thoughts on a triptych for the Andrews Research Station; A triptych for the Andrews Research Station

Aaron Ellison (Fall 2010) — Decomposition and Memory an essay