The Aldo Leopold Center meeting (Sept. 2010)

Curt Meine, of the The Center for Humans and Nature & The Aldo Leopold Foundation, hosted a meeting at the Aldo Leopold Heritage Canter in Baraboo, WI, to further solidify network of long term ecological reflection sites.

Developing the Capacity for Long-Term Ecological Arts and Reflections
September 26-28, 2010
Leopold Legacy Center
Baraboo, Wisconsin

Meeting goals:

(1) to share with a larger circle of colleagues the experiences and ideas that have arisen at the intersection of literature, the arts, and long-term ecological research;

(2) to discuss
the further development of the Long-Term Ecological Reflections/Arts concept and network.


Sunday, September 26
Early arrivals staying at the Clarion Hotel in Baraboo are invited to gather informally at 7:30 pm the hotel’s Glacier Rock Restaurant.

Monday, September 27
9:00 A light breakfast will be available at the Leopold Legacy Center starting at 9:00 am for early arrivals.
10:00 Orientation for LTEArts meeting participants (open to all participants, with others joining in by conference call)
10:30 Welcome and introductions
10:45 LTEArts project summaries (5 min. each)

  • Bonanza Creek (AK)
  • North Temperate Lakes (WI)
  • Harvard Forest (MA)
  • Andrews Forest (OR)

11:10 Open discussion: Review of the LTEArts program
What do the programs have in common? What site- or medium-distinctive? How are we “capturing” the work (e.g., on the web)? In what other ways can we share the work? What broader impact is this work having? What could it have?
11:40 Future directions for the LTEArts program

  • Survey of similar programs
  • Building capacity for sharing information across programs
  • New opportunities for program development (i.e., Nathaniel Brodie @ Spring Creek Project/Oregon State University)
  • Proposed LTEArts workshop

12:30 Lunch at the Leopold Legacy Center
1:00 Arrival of additional participants for full meeting: Welcome (Buddy Huffaker) and Introductions
1:15 Meeting goals and agenda (Curt Meine)
1:30 LTEReflections Program: Orientation

  • Reflections on the origins and development of the LTER program (John Magnuson)
  • Origins and background of LTEReflections (Kathleen Dean Moore)
  • August 2010 Tucson discussion (Gary Paul Nabhan, Nathaniel Brodie)
  • Open discussion of program background and development

3:00 Break (with optional tour of the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center)
3:30 Spotlight: John Bates & Terry Daulton – LTEArts at Trout Lake Station/Northern Temperate Lakes
3:45 Discussion: Lessons learned from the LTEArts and LTEReflections programs. What has worked well? What not so well? What improvements can be made? What are the most critical things to know and think about in expanding the network of sites and activities?
5:00 Spotlight: Teresa Hollingsworth – LTEArts at Bonanza Creek
5:15 Break
5:30 Leopold Shack tour and cocktails
6:30 Dinner @ Leopold Legacy Center
8:30 Adjourn

Tuesday, September 28
8:00 Breakfast at the Leopold Legacy Center
8:45 Spotlight: Nina Leopold Bradley & Stan Temple – Phenology at the Leopold Memorial Reserve
9:00 Discussion: Making the Connection – LTEReflections, Phenology, and Literary Legacies
9:45 Spotlight: Don Waller – The Vanishing Present
10:00 Coffee Break
10:15 Spotlight: Mrill Ingram – Encouraging Collaboration Between the Arts and Sciences at the UW-Madison
10:30 Discussion: LTEReflections – The Writer’s Perspective
12:30 Lunch
1:15 Spotlight: Ufuk Ozdag – Ecocriticism and the Turkish Translation of Aldo Leopold
1:30 Discussion: LTEReflections – The Scientist’s and Administrator’s Perspective
3:00 Coffee break
3:15 Spotlight: Kathleen Dean Moore – The Moral Ground Project
3:30 Key next steps in developing LTEReflections

  • Identifying key sites: LTER partner sites and “literary legacy” sites
  • Developing a proposal for an expanded network
  • Funding opportunities and possibilities
  • Future meeting(s)

5:30 Adjourn
6:00 Optional dinner in Baraboo
7:30 Gary Paul Nabhan speaking at the Wormfarm Institute/Reedsburg Public Library (open to the public)