Why Ecological Reflections?

The Long Term Ecological Reflections Program at H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest speaks for the network as a whole in their beliefs:

  • That humanist writers should pay close attention to a particular place-to the mountains, rivers, people and the forests of the Andrews and its environs-because a close study of place will reveal broader truths that go beyond that place.
  • That we should study that place for generations and learn to perceive the temporal dimension-the presence of pasts and futures-through informed observation.
  • That storytelling and poetry, observation and experiment, myth and mathematics are all authentic windows on the world.
  • That there is an unusual richness and joy in the community of art and science, in the coming together of insights from many different perspectives and disciplines.
  • That there is wisdom to be gained; that the more we know about the natural world and the place of humans in the world, the greater our insight into how we ought to live our lives.

But there are countless answers to this question, and we’re excited to start compiling some of them here in text, links, and download-able word documents and pdfs.

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