Linda Buturian (Resident Artist 2011)

Linda spent two weeks during May and June of 2011 exploring Cedar Creek, talking with scientists and listening to what the site had to say to her.  Living in a small house on the property called “Bur Oak” allowed her time to reflect in peace and develop themes that develop slowly and gracefully through the essay, like a flower bud opening petal by petal.  The three essays concern different aspects of Cedar Creek but as with ecology, are also intertwined.  “Secret Knowledge” and “The Gazing House” are completed with “The Grotto” available by summer of 2013.

Linda Buturian is a writer and a teacher. Her essay collection, World Gone Beautiful: Life Along the Rum River, was published by Cathedral Hill Press. Buturian develops curriculum and teaches humanities courses at the University of Minnesota in the College of Education and Human Development. To learn more about the interdisciplinary water seminar she designed, and to view her students’ digital stories, visit here. Linda lives with her family next to three other families on a farm along the Rum River.