Baltimore Ecosystem Study LTER

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Site name:  Baltimore Ecosystem Study

Program/project name:  BES Artist in Residence Project

Brief description of program/project development and components or hopes: The BES Artist-in-Residence Project enlists one local artist per year to work with BES scientists to create artworks that address topics relating to urban ecology or issues of the environment in and around Baltimore.

Relationship with core science, education, cultural programs at the site: By interacting with BES scientists, the artists gain understanding of the scientific process and the issues related to being a researcher in urban ecology. In turn, the artists are also able to influence the research process and direction of the scientists. The goal of these residencies is to increase the value of the work of both artists and scientists to urban ecology. In addition, educational and cultural objectives of the BES are enhanced through the reach of the artists to audiences not normally aware of scientific findings.

System for sharing and archiving outcomes:  Each artist-in-residence will mount an exhibition of the work they produce during their residency and contribute one work to a permanent collection at BES. The BES website maintains an archive that includes products of the residencies in a variety of forms.  BES shares these archives with the LTER Network’s information system.


Funding:  The program is currently funded by various sources among BES cooperating institutions. Additional funding is being sought to expand and enhance the program.

Impediments:  Adequate funding is difficult to maintain.

Future goals:    Expanded interaction among the scientific and artistic communities. Additional outreach to spread arts activities into schools and other venues in the region.

Contact person(s):  Holly Beyar, Project Facilitator, 845.677.5646,