“100 and More Views of Cedar Creek” by Glenn Terry

Local sculptor and painter Glenn Terry has a goal to paint 100-1000 images of Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve in 2012-2013.  A long-time resident of the area, Terry has spent many hours hiking the fields, forests and wetlands of the Reserve, and finds inspiration in the small and ordinary.  “I’m not so interested in painting the ‘Top 10 Places’ at Cedar Creek – for me, it’s the beauty of tree bark, the arrangement of mushrooms on the forest floor, or the vista from a hill that moves me.”   With a studio literally walking distance from Cedar Creek’s border, it is also a labor of love. “Even 1000 paintings would not provide the complete portrait of the variety in form, color, light, and seasonal change in the abundant life nature joyfully expresses in this area!”  Glenn’s work is part of the 2013 LTER art show at the National Science Foundation.  His piece, entitled Pathways:  Stability Amid Change, uses six paintings to compare the creek, a natural pathway, and human-made dirt trails through an ecological lens.