“Fire and Form on the Konza Prarie”

"Fire and Form on the Konza Prairie"
“Fire and Form on the Konza Prairie”

A recent product of the arts/humanities/science collaboration at the Konza Prairie LTER site is a beautiful book of photographs and commentary by Edward Sturr. The book is called Fire and Form on the Konza Prairie and published by Prairie Light Studio Publishing, 2012,. Manhattan KS. The book of photographs includes an essay and poems by English Professor Elizabeth Dodd, and an article by LTER scientist John Briggs. More about this book can be found here.

About his work, Sturr has said: “The complex visual relationships created by the tall grasses, sky, clouds and ground, varying geographic formations, trees and creeks, limestone outcrops, and rolling hills are the unique features that become subjects for camera work,” Sturr said. “My intent is not to document the physical aspects of the Konza, but rather to respond to and make visible in my photographs the expressive nature of such features. The dynamic, ever-changing prairie with its energy, force and living power is what makes me light up.”

To read more about the project, go to http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar13/konzaart32813.html.

“The underappreciated splendor of Konza Prairie familiar to many Riley county residents provides artistic inspiration for Edward Sturr’s new book of photographs, Fire and Form on the Konza Prairie. Edward Sturr, an emertius professor of art at Kansas State University, is a prominent landscape photographer who first began exploring Konza Prairie through his camera lenses in 1990. He has photographed the prairie in every season, but the photos of fire are the most provocative. The powerful beauty, shear force, and danger of fires are skillfully captured by Sturr in this book. John Briggs, director of the Konza Prairie Biological Station, provides insightful informaion in his articles about the importance of fire for the long term health of the prairie ecosystem.” From Gallery Review.