North Temperate Lakes LTER

Program name: LTEarts

Current and Previous Projects and Exhibits:

Brief description of program/projects: The LTEArts project at North Temperate Lakes LTER, is a collaboration between artists and scientists. “Paradise Lost?” was the first activity followed by “Drawing Water”, both of which started with a workshop, and culminated in the creation of traveling art and science exhibitions. “Drawing Water” also designed and installed 6 wayside signs for boat landings in the Wisconsin Northwoods. For the exhibition at NSF in 2013 artists from both earlier projects came together to present new artwork, photographs, weavings, and poems concerned with the beauty and future of lakes and aquatic ecosystems.

Relationship with core science, education, cultural programs at the site: The art exhibits highlight the science work done at the site, and hopefully compliments educational work.

System for sharing and archiving outcomes: We have a website and a facebook page which we hope will be used by people visiting the show, people at the wayside signs, and people who find us online.  We are also doing media releases in the local area.

Future goals:  We would like to see this art/science collaboration develop into an ongoing effort that would continue indefinitely. In particular, we would like to broaden the suite of arts/humanities that are involved and provide mechanisms for updating the “permanent” public portion of the collaboration such as the waysides as new scientific or artistic understanding becomes available.

Contact person(s):  Tim Kratz, Terry Daulton, John Bates