: PLAYA is a nonprofit organization supporting innovative thinking through work in the arts, literature, natural sciences and other fields of creative inquiry.

PLAYA is a retreat for creative individuals who are committed and passionate about their work, and who will benefit from time spent in a remote location. At PLAYA, we offer seclusion and quiet in a natural environment and the opportunity for interaction, if desired, with a cohort of residents and the local rural community. A Residency provides the time and space to create substantive work or to research and reflect upon one’s creative or scientific processes. Away from the urgencies of daily life, residents can focus on their projects, immerse in a desert landscape of basin and rangeland, and find inspiration through self-directed inquiry.

We have two application deadlines: March 1 for Fall residencies (Aug-Dec) and September 1 for Spring/Summer residencies (Jan-July)

Relationship with science: During a residency at Playa, individuals are encouraged to investigate and explore the local history, geography and natural history through various field trips to area landmarks including but not limited to Paisley Caves, petroglyphs, Wildlife Preserve, Ana Reservoir, Chewaucan River, Fremont National Forest.

System for sharing and archiving outcomes: Playa maintains a library of literary and visual contributions from residents in the form of catalogs and other manuscripts. We also publish selections from our residents in occasional publications.


Other program elements: Playa Presents is a monthly program where residents open their studios and/or present their work through readings, performances or other, open to the public. Our residents are also provided other opportunities to engage with the local populations in Lake County through a variety of community outreach formats.

Contact person: Deborah Ford, Executive Director
47531 Highway 31
Summer Lake, OR 97640

Summer Lake
Summer Lake