Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge LTER

Program/project name: ART REU

Brief description of program/project development and components or hopes:

Program is a mentored Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) experience for undergraduate artists.  We solicit applications from the University of New Mexico (UNM) (the institution linked to the SEV) and from national undergraduates.  Students come for 10 weeks and participate with biological REUs doing research and creating artwork.  Last year was the first year and created a wonderful bond with students and mentors.  The students create a show and present their work with the REUs at the end of the summer.  We would like to expand the program to support an artist residency and graduate student mentors creating artworks at the SEV.  We would also like to expand the definitions of research and work with some aesthetics related projects at the SEV.

Relationship with core science, education, cultural programs at the site:

Currently indistinguishable from education program, save that the product is art research, rather than biological research.

Webpage: none as yet

Future goals: Find a grant to provide a mentoring artist in residency with a grant, Also, need a research project for Mentoring Faculty on site.


Contact person(s): Scott Collins, Amaris Swann, Catherine Harris